17 July: TSE Walking Group

Elspeth who set up the original Turner Contemporary group held another walk as part of a TSE symposium day for the University of Kent.  I was commissioned to take images of the walk for her.  This in turn led her to ask me to do a joint Artist in Residency with her at Sun Pier House Gallery, Chatham.

The following are some of the images from the day:



21 April: Bristol Evening Photography shoot

This was organised by Red Cloud Experience days and given to me as a Christmas present.  It was an opportunity to try things not generally covered at university although it was principally aimed at beginners and those with little experience.  So I was able my own devices to experiment and to capture images within the safety of working in a group setting.

The following are some of the images that were taken:



20160421-_L0A0250 20160421-_L0A025620160421-_L0A0261

18 Nov: 1st meeting of the TSE Walking Group

Instigated by Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth emailed the group with a view to setting up a regular walking group.  It was a cold blustery day for those of us who turned up and was very much a walk to meet each other and to see how we felt future walks should be organised.

20151119-IMG_1089 copy

20151119-IMG_1100 copy

20151119-IMG_1094 copy

Keith was a wealth of knowledge of snippets of local information and kept the group entertained.  We followed the route that Eliot would have travelled on his return to the former Albermarle Hotel, unfortunately now demolished.

It was agreed that we would like to continue meeting possibly fortnightly, weather permitting.



17 Nov: Pt. 5 ‘What the Thunder Said’ at Cliftonville Library


A group from Hartsdown Academy performed their interpretation of part 5 of the poem.

20151117-_MG_5464 copy

This was followed by a discussion on part 5 with everyone present.  It was very interesting to hear the viewpoints particularly those of the younger people present.

20151117-_MG_5476 copy

20151117-_MG_5482 copy

20151117-_MG_5488 copy

Copies of the images taken of ‘The Hackers’ were later passed to a member of their staff as evidence of work they have done.

22 Oct: Pt. 4 ‘Death by Water’ at Resort Studios, Margate


This was a very innovative meeting which again was well supported by the group.

20151022-_MG_5082 copy

It involved improvisations by the group, translating their views on this section of the poem to make self-created sounds.

20151022-IMG_5160 copy

Dan then recorded the final pieces created by each group in turn.

20151022-IMG_5102 copy

20151022-IMG_5141 copy

Everyone seemed to enjoy the session and were able to make a positive contribution regardless of any previous musical expertise or a lack of one.

13 Oct: Pt. 3 ‘The Fire Sermon’ at Margate Museum


This again was a challenging environment to take images in.  The lighting was extremely poor in an old building with very high ceilings.

20151013-_MG_4962 copy



There was again a good turn out of people and some useful, interesting insights into the poem.  All the images I have been taking are also shared with the gallery and I have been sending copies of relevant images to the main speakers following each meeting so far.

30 Sept: Pt 2 – ‘A Game of Chess’ at Margate Yacht Club

TS Waste Land Research Group meeting

Prior to the meeting Trish had emailed the group asking for someone to document the meetings and so I volunteered.  It is a good opportunity to become familiar with the gallery and to make my work known to more people.

20150930-_MG_4661 copy

The meeting at the Yacht Club, chaired by Rosalie Schweiker  was a bit of a squeeze as a lot of people attended.  However it was very good interesting and everyone seemed to enjoy meeting up again.

20150930-IMG_4707 copy

20150930-IMG_4803 copy

However from my viewpoint it was very challenging as there was little natural lighting, and as there were so many people crammed into a small space it was difficult to get my camera round for varied shots.

20150930-IMG_4790 copy

6 Oct: A guided walk to The Waste Land with Dr Ian Jones


Ian had suggested setting up a reading group for those people who are unfamiliar with the poem and the first meeting was held at the gallery.  There was a good attendance to this event and the space and lighting enabled me to take some better images than those taken at the Yacht Club.

20151006-_MG_4882 copy

20151006-_MG_4868 copy

20151006-_MG_4866 copy

It is interesting to note those people who are regularly supporting the group, and also to see what a cross-section of knowledgeable, talented people who are attending.


26 Aug: Turner Contemporary – The Waste Land Research Group Inaugural Meeting


The first meeting of those interested in joining the group was held at The Nayland Rock shelter on the seafront at Margate.  It was an opportunity for the gallery to determine the amount of interest, planning further meetings and look at Part 1 of the poem.  Trish Scott from the gallery will be the overall curator, together with Mike from Cardiff Museum and Art Gallery.

We began by walking from the gallery across Margate Sands following the direction that TS Eliot would have taken when it is alleged that he was in there at the shelter in 1921.



It is certainly true that the skies there in Margate are truly amazing.


Mike talking to the group before we split into smaller groups to look at Part 1.



It will be interesting to see how this develops and where I can best make a positive contribution.