20 August: Corporate Portraits Commission


I am not sure if it is easier working with someone who you have already met, but I felt that in this case the client would be more relaxed and this would be evident hopefully in the end results.  I was asked to take some head and shoulder shots which will be used initially to go on an international website for those working and interested in the Kinesiology.  This is a new area that I was previously unfamiliar with of and is defined as:  Human kinetics – the scientific study of human movement and which addresses physiological, mechanical and psychological mechanisms.  

It was helpful to have someone who knew exactly what they wanted, so there were set guidelines from the start, rather than perhaps my making decisions that may not have been quite what the client had in mind.   I also sent the client an initial questionnaire which was helpful for pre-shoot planning, such as whether she wanted to be appear more approachable by smiling, where she wanted the images to be taken and suggested a couple of changes of coloured tops to see what would work the best.

Although there were aspects of the initial images I took that I liked, it made me very aware of the lighting and colours and where the client was standing.  We agreed that it was important to show evidence of her qualifications etc. rather that just a portrait shot but this created problems, such as  a shelf at just below shoulder height as shown below.

We tried different areas and different changes of coloured tops and it was agreed that the background needed to be simple, so the remainder of the images were taken to the side of her accreditation qualification.

 As she was small we then resorted  to having her stand on some books which gave a more satisfying result as shown in the before and after images below.

On looking at the end results whilst I was concentrating on the most flattering images taking lighting, colours and angles into account, it is easy to over look things such as the effect of what is behind the subject and how these affect the final results.  Very little adjustments have been made in Lightroom and Photoshop apart from some slight adjustments in the contrast, some spot removal and slight cropping in a couple of instances.  The  client will be given with the best results on a USB stick and I have passed the copyright of the images over to her.  She has however in turn agreed for me to use them on my blog / website if I wish to do so.

I found it much more satisfactory to take my laptop together with the USB stick so that I could fully explain what I had done and in turn check that the client was happy and could access what she needed.

Another learning curve – perhaps university is just the starting point and the learning and progress develops from now on!!

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