12 August : Update and Jewellery commission


After handing in my last assignment for my degree course it has been a time to reflect, together with catching up on some of the things I have rather neglected at home.  My final results came through last month and I was awarded a 2:1, which was very pleasing as I went through a few challenging episodes towards the end of the course.   A friend pointed out that if I had been younger I would have gained a 1st which I’m not sure was helpful or not!

So it now gives me the opportunity to take my studies a stage further and perhaps do an MA.  Karen, my personal tutor gave me the benefit of her words of wisdom but whatever happens I plan to have a ‘Gap Year’ and give this some serious consideration during that time.    So the next main event will be the Graduation Ceremony in Canterbury Cathedral next month.


I was asked to take some images of handmade headdresses to be used to update the website of the person who had created them.  All are completely original with no patterns etc. having been used in their creation.  There were 11 different pieces in total and for each one I produced one main image on a mannequin head and four supplementary images to show the piece from different angles.  It was also important that the images are sharp and clear so that prospective customers can see the items in close up and the work that has gone into each creation.

This was the first time of tackling such an undertaking so the initial test shots took longer, whilst I tried different settings to see what worked well.  By the end of the work I knew what were the best settings to use and what proved to be most successful.  The challenge was to  make the pieces look as beautiful as possible, to show that crystals and pearls had been used in their construction etc. but at the same time to ensure that the images were not over exposed.  The 50mm f/1.4 lens worked well for this together with the use of my home studio lighting kit.

The following are a few images taken from the final submission given to my client.


_MG_3773.CR2 copy



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