The images in this book tell a small piece of the story of some of the clients who visit the Catching Lives Open Day Centre in Canterbury, Kent.  They were taken either during the three ‘Photo Days’ which I held there or during regular visits.  They formed a part of my project and covered an extended six month period.

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This book is a collection of images of elderly people, each containing an item which defines them as a person or is special to them in some way. It also tells a little about their life experiences.  It was produced in 2015 to celebrate those that have stories to tell as the end result of the Independent Art and Photography module.

 Landscapes 2012-12-13 at 20-45-57

This book was produced in 2012 as the culmination of a Year 2 project for the Advanced Digital Imaging module.  The site has been closed for production, no longer assessable by the general public and the land is earmarked for redevelopment when all buildings will be demolished.  It shows the traces left behind of a once thriving and highly profitable local industry and employer.

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