6 November: Meeting at Catching Lives

I had a progress meeting this morning with Terry the Centre Manager to discuss the following:

  1. They need a volunteer to do some data input, so I have offered my services in this respect.  As they have all been so accommodating I feel that there should be a free exchange of energy and it is an opportunity for me to put something back.  So I should know by the end of the week what exactly is required and I can plan out my timetable.

  2. I discussed further my proposal of holding a ‘Photo Day’ for the clients.  I suggested holding this during the week commencing 9 December, as the Winter Shelter Scheme will be in operation and there are generally more clients there at that time.  I said that I would prepare a flyer for this so that they can discuss it further beforehand and hopefully generate interest.  I suggested setting my camera up in the corner of the games room, which has some windows for natural lighting and is away from the general central traffic areas.  They would be able to take a self-portrait and then be given a disposable camera for them to take pictures of what interested them.  I would in turn print off the images and arrange for the disposable cameras to be processed.  It would be interesting to see what things are of interest to them away from the Centre.

  3. I also said that I wanted to volunteer to help with the overnight shelters as this is also another photography opportunity.  The Centre is also open on Christmas Day and Boxing Day so would be good to visit if family commitments will permit.

Following on from this meeting I received a copy email from Terry advising other members of staff what had been agreed.  It was later arranged that:

    • I will help with the breakfasts on Christmas day morning
    • I will attend an volunteer induction meeting volunteering for the Winter Overnight Shelter scheme
    • The photography day will take place on 18 December and I will prepare some fliers to advertise the event and order some disposable cameras for the clients to use on the day.
    • They will contact me regarding data input but this will certainly be required when the Winter Scheme is operational.

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