16 October: Further thoughts

The more I look at the work of other photographers I do not want to merely bring home the pitiful state in which some people exist but to show that there is a human being with a story to tell.  So many people would walk by with the attitude that if they gave someone begging money it would be spent on alcohol.  However if there is no hope perhaps this helps to block everything out for a while.  I am interested in the people and their stories and how they came to be there.

After reading George Orwell’s ‘Down and out in Paris and London’ to help inform my understanding, I could possibly make some photographic comparisons between being down and out in Canterbury and say, Bristol which I visit regularly.

To develop this project further I need to do the following:

  • The importance of making client contacts as early as possible and renewing links with previous clients that I have met.
  • To suggest a Photographic Day at the Centre where clients could take a self-portrait and receive a disposable camera to take some of their own images.  I would have the opportunity to link in their work with mine and they would have something to keep afterwards.
  • I have applied for a CCCU volunteering vacancy for a Public Centre Housing Mentor at Porchlight on 16 October so this needs to be followed up.
  • When one walks around Canterbury apart from the subways, there are seldom people seen begging.  So apart from the Catching Lives Centre, where do they go in the daytime?
  • Catching Lives are holding an information day with sessions on alcoholism, mental health and drugs.  So this should really help my research.

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