15 March: Catching Lives Abseil

In my capacity as Volunteer Coordinator and CL photographer, I was asked if I would cover the fund-raising abseil event in Maidstone.  My husband Tim had also agreed to take part so needed some moral support.  After having recently finished my previous video, this was an opportunity to film the event rather than just record through images.  The ambient sounds of the crowd of spectators I felt would be more apparent through the medium of film.

This turned out to be one of my less successful ventures but at the same time a good learning curve.  The first thing against me was the weather conditions which were cold, dull and overcast so the resulting film came out darker than I would have wished, but at the same time I felt it important to depict things as they actually were.

We were one of twenty teams taking part in the event so although I was able to gain access to the starting and finishing area at the base of the building, it was very cramped and it was difficult to film when the people were continually moving around and the organisers were mainly concerned to keep the proceedings moving along as quickly as possible.  I also realised that to do this again I need to have a shoulder rig, as to hold my heavy camera upwards to film from the top of the building was a great strain on my neck and arms.  So as a result the film is not as smooth as I had hoped to produce.

Apart from that the event raised considerable funds for the charity although I am not sure if my husband would repeat the exercise again!  The film was put on YouTube to enable Catching Lives in turn to put on the website and hopefully generate some more contributions.

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