5 March: Finalising the Video – The Others

As a result of the films I have been researching I was able to weed out the film clips I had taken and have now decided which ones not to use.  I have now been in a position to put the film together, although I appreciated that a lot of fine-tuning would be needed.  It was only when this was started that I was able to see the film developing and to make decisions.  These were as follows:

  • To decided on which clips were to follow each other, so that the events would be present in such a way as to flow together logically.
  • To carefully consider the length of the clip and whether or not the speed needed to be adjusted.  The slower more contemplative scenes such as the water fountain needed to be slowed down, whereas the shoppers walking in the High Street did not.  I had thought about speeding them up as a sharp contrast but it resulted in actions such as the man busking on the steps of the library, strumming his guitar too quickly.
  • I was also very conscious on the time restrictions which had been placed on the project, and when I had finished adding the clips together with the additional  transitions, I still needed to go back and trim a little off some of them.
  • One of the frustrations of using Adobe Premiere Pro CC was when I adjusted a clip it moved others around and it resulted in my having to move and re-add transitions.  It maybe however that there is something inbuilt within the programme to prevent this happening of which I was not aware.
  • After all the clips were added to the timeline, I then spent some considerable time putting the audio tracks together and realised how important the audio was to the overall effect I was endeavouring to create.  I found it easier to load the clips and audio tracks on to the timeline independently and this then enabled me to have two audio lines, one containing the ambient sounds of the street and traffic etc. and another with instrumental music.
  • Originally I had four music tracks such as ‘I want to come home’ by Tom Jones which I wanted to run under the ambient sounds audio line but released that instrumental music would be more appropriate; as it did not give the viewer any guidance as to what I was endeavouring to say within the video.  I wanted the end result to be very much up to the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions.

Once the video was completed it was exported to Vimeo, but at this stage the privacy settings have been set so that it is not available to be viewed by anyone except myself.  I will then be able to go back and scrutinise everything very carefully at a later date before it is available to be viewed by other people.

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