3 Feb: Photography & Film Research -Larry Clark, Taryn Simon & Jim Goldberg

Initially I was interested in looking at the work produced by photographers who have also worked with film.  This in turn led me to look at the following:

LARRY CLARK (b.1943)

His recent work entitled ‘Tulsa & Teenage Lust‘ was exhibited at the Foam Gallery in Amsterdam (13.06 – 12.09.14).

Larry ClarkIn my own images I have attempted to look at aspects not generally covered or which may not be easy to gain access to.  The images in Clark’s work are often shocking, but he is more concerned to depict life as it is for those young people in his images.  I was going to add his film entitled, ‘Kids‘ (1995) to the video page of this blog, but personally found it too unpleasant to include, as it is sexually very explicit so it has not been included.

TARYN SIMON (b.1975)

Her work shows almost painstaking attention to detail.  She has worked with photography, text and graphic design and also produced her film The Innocents in 2003.  This was of interest as it linked to my own work with homeless people.

Taryn-SimonThe actual film (in two parts) has been downloaded from YouTube and can be viewed via my Video Page (CLICK HERE for Part 1 and CLICK HERE for part 2).  This documentary film consists of the stories of individuals who have served time in prison, for violent crimes they did not commit.  It is powerful but understated, and was an achievement for her to gain the cooperation of the subjects that were interviewed.  However perhaps due to the circumstances, they felt that this was the only way of making their respective voices heard.

I then decided to take this a stage further by looking at other ways in which photography is used within film.  David Campany in his book, Photography and Cinema (2008, p.94) discusses the collaboration between photography and film and the use of stills.     


This is one example where a video has been produced about the book Raised by Wolves (1995) and consists solely of still images of its pages.

YouTube states that as this book is out of print and hard to locate, that this was the reason it was decided to put it on-line.

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