22 Feb: Amendments to Storyboard

It was pointed out to me that the first storyboard I had created for the proposed video would result in a film which would be far longer than what I was expected to produce.  So this was extremely helpful as it made me step back and look closely at what I had done so far,  and to fine tune it to create a more satisfactory end result.

The final story board that I have now worked on has been reduced from 19 pages down to 9.  Of those there is one scene filmed of the river at ‘The Weavers’ in Canterbury High Street, which I am undecided at this point whether or not to include in the final video.  It maybe that it in fact detracts from the other scenes and would only serve to extend the length of the video.  However I am endeavouring to present a contrast both between those people who are begging and living rough and the general public, together with a comparison of peaceful areas within the city as opposed to the busy shopping area.

The final storyboard can be viewed by clicking on the link below:


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