15 Feb: Reflections on my research and plans for my video


By having spent time looking at very diverse examples of film work it has emphasised certain points that I feel to be important at this stage:

  • To take into account the reasons for the film having been made and the anticipated audience.
  • The importance of audio, as not merely being supplementary to the visuals but perhaps more so.
  • The practicalities of making the film and having been able to take the desired shots
  • The influence that photography brings to bear as regards composition, in respect of those films that have been made by people who are also photographers
  • The beauty that has been found within the works despite the content depicted, such as the Zarina Bhimji and the contemplative work of Zineb Sedira
  • Simple humour such as can be seen in the work of John Smith
  • Despite Terence Davies being primarily a filmmaker, the influence his work must have exerted over burgeoning filmmakers and photographers.


I now need to spend time putting my video clips and audio into an acceptable format.  I need to slow everything down and be more contemplative in what I am depicting.  This will involve paring the clips down, so that I am giving minimal information but using the audio to tell what may not be being shown.  It may be necessary to completely rethink certain areas and re-shoot some of the scenes, but time restrictions prevent too much time being spent in this area, if I am going to be able to stick to my anticipated original  timetable.

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