13 October: Project Ideas

Initially I had envisaged embarking on a completely new area of exploration as regards subject matter, having worked with Catching Lives and their homeless clients on several projects to date.  However on further reflection I now feel that there are still many areas still left to explore and ‘Mixed Media’ will give me the platform to take my exploration still further.

I have looked at the premises and how the organisation operates, together with portraits and the possessions of the clients who visit the Day Centre.  To take this further I would like to investigate the related ideas of exclusion / otherness  and the invisibility of the clients whilst they are in the local community.

  • Are they excluded out of choice?
  • Are they really excluded – as some seem to exist within their own peer groups?
  • Are they bothered about this?
  • Are they truly excluded?
  • Has society turned their back on them – through budget cuts etc?
  • Human desire for community – is it a general thing?
  • The number of people who carry on and ignore the person begging.  Do they hear them but do not wish to engage with them and why?

The project affords me the opportunity of learning a new skill and facing an exciting new challenge.  With the suggested modes of carrying out the project I would like to make a video, using my DSLR camera (Canon 5D MkII) together with recorded interviews of the views of the clients, added to the video.  As I have never used my camera in this way before let alone made a video it will be  a real challenge.

I am uncertain at this stage as to whether or not to film the clients whilst I am interviewing them, as some may not want to be identified as I have experienced in the past. So I either blur out their faces or merely include the voices as part of the soundtrack to the video.

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