9 February: Volunteering session

My session today lasted from 11.00 – 3.00 pm and apart from helping staff when needed, was an opportunity to plan how best to organise my ‘Photo Day’ on Wednesday next.  I checked various areas thinking about where to site a table and felt that the following area would be best, as it is tucked away and will not prevent any of the other activities that take place from happening.  It is ideal also as there is a natural light source if I decide to use it in preference to my Mini Studio kit.  I do however need to insure that all kit is kept well away from the wall heater nearby.



I was also able to check things like plug sockets and will need to bring an extension cable and a multi plug attachment, so as to be able to plug in the laptop and the lighting etc. for my mini studio kit. I need to ensure beforehand that all batteries are charged and ready to go and to have a ‘dummy run’ at home beforehand so that no bits of kit and things like gaffa tape etc. are forgotten on the day.

I was also able to take some pictures of what is currently in Room 101 where the clients are able to store their belongings.  It is hoped that on Wednesday they will let me photograph some of the things which are meaningful to them.



I made contact with two new clients today Jim and Hardy, and as it was a quiet day was able to take some images together with asking them to do some writing for me (and sign model release forms!).

I decided that the best way to approach this was to ask them to do a ‘wish list’, rather than asking them how they were feeling.  It kept everything more ‘low key’ and they were more than willing to participate.  The results, like the previous pieces of writing were most revealing,  and I hope to incorporate some of these in my proposed photo book about the project.

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