28 February: Thinking about the project so far

As the project is progressing it is now time to reassess what has transpired so far.  It is interesting to see how things have developed and gone in slightly different directions than was originally envisaged.  This has been helped particularly by looking at the work of other photographers in similar fields, together with suggestions and invaluable guidance from tutors at Uni.

Whilst I was pleased with some of the resulting images from the last ‘Photo Day’ looking at Possessions, some of the images could have been improved.  For example the following image by ‘Robert’  would have been better if it had not been placed on glass  and the fold in the card was not visible at the back of the image.

3-Possessions 2014-02-12 at 13-23-23 - Version 2 (4)

Whilst I may be able to rectify this in Photoshop I want the images to be as true to how they were originally taken with minimal adjustments having been made.  Also if I tried to crop out the fold it would cut off the top of the fruit.

So today I contacted Catching Lives to arrange to hold another Photo Day to develop the ‘Possessions’ theme further.  This time rather than set up whatever items they wanted to include even if they weren’t possessions, we will concentrate on what they carry around in their pockets which I am sure will be interesting.  So I have prepared a flyer and ‘sign in’ list and hopefully this will generate a  good response.


To improve the images I will use a very pale grey card and leave out the glass so that there are no edges visible and the possibility of any unwanted shadows being created. If I set up in the same area as last time, there is good natural light which comes from a window high up to the right and together with a with a reflector  should enable me to control the amount of light.  Utilising the same area is useful as I know what will be needed as regards equipment and should be able to travel a bit lighter than last time.

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