20/21 March: Follow up visits

I returned on 20th to see Robert and had just set up when I was told that he would not be there as he was back at the job centre!  C’est la vie!  So I had a coffee and prepared to return the next day.

21 March:

I used this visit to take some images of the clients feet.  I soon discovered however, that most had fairly good footwear (mainly trainers) and that if their shoes became too battered they were given replacements by the Centre.





This time Robert was there and had obviously been giving much thought as to what he wanted to do beforehand.  I left him to his own devices and was surprised at the result. I also felt as if he had gained a great deal from the experience.


Kevin also returned one of the disposable cameras I had given out so it is to be hoped that this time there will be some of the images that can be developed on the film.

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