19 March: ‘Photo Day 3’ & Bishop Trevor

I guess it was one of those days! After arriving and setting up, I realised that I had forgotten the cable to link the laptop to my camera, so that I could do tethered shooting but it did not prevent my taking any images. It just proves how well prepared one needs to be beforehand and perhaps to triple check everything is ready.


I set up in the same area as last time, as it is away from any other activities that may be going on and there is good ambient light from the window to the left.  I set up two areas so as there was a choice for the clients and used a softbox attachment for my speedlite and a reflector.  In the end as it was a bright day I did not use the speedlite as it made the images over exposed.

It was a very quiet day with very few clients coming in, as opposed to the last one although there were plenty of volunteers in the Centre.  It just shows that you can never anticipate how things will go, but despite this I did have five participants; but the results were not the most inspiring I have ever taken.

1-Possessions 2014-03-19 at 12-07-541-Possessions 2014-03-19 at 12-54-451-Possessions 2014-03-19 at 10-46-08

This image however has set me to thinking that as I have now taken portraits and images of their possessions, perhaps next time I will take pictures of their feet; as living on the streets perhaps  they do more walking than most.

Robert also asked me if I was going to be there the next day as he wanted to take part but had an appointment at the job centre, so I told him I would return then.

I was also asked if I would take some pictures of the Bishop of Dover as he was visiting that day as well.  He is a patron of the charity, so they were anxious to have some images to add to their website.  This is one that I took during his visit.

1-CL 19 Mar 14 050

I later contacted his PA to see if they would like any copies, and said that I would be happy for them to use any provided that I was accredited with having taken them; but have not had a reply so far.

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