17 March: Visit to Catching Lives

I received an email from Terry the Centre Manager as they need more photographic evidence of the work they do to assist with such things as funding.  This can range from pictures of volunteers, social interaction, recreational activities and clients working with staff and students etc.  So in turn I went through all the images I have taken since I first made contact with the Centre last year, and sent them over to Terry to see if there are any he may wish to use.  The only stipulation I placed on them was that I am given accreditation if they are used.

The following are some that I sent over:



I also visited this morning to arrange with James to arrive at 8.30 on Wednesday which gives me time to set up before the door opens to the clients.  I also talked to him about the Photo Book I am making as part of my project submission, and he agreed to write the foreword for me.

He also asked me if I would take some pictures on Wednesday as their Patron, the Bishop of Dover is also visiting at lunchtime.  I said that I would be happy to do this so it should be a busy, yet productive day.

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