16 March: Pre ‘Photo Day 3’ trial run

Over the last couple of days I have spent some time looking at the possession images that I took on the last Photo Day at Catching Lives.  I changed all the backgrounds to black in Photoshop to see if they worked better.  It also helped me to decide what colour base to use for the next day on Wednesday.   I felt that the results were just too dark and some parts of the images were almost lost.  For example it is difficult to see Ioannis’s hat against a black background.  The background was also darker on my computer than is shown below and the crease line is still apparent.  The aperture setting also needs to be bigger as the result is too close.

Ioannis possessions

I took some shots of my set of keys firstly on a paler grey back ground, trying different camera settings to see  what worked better; but I did not find the colour very inspiring.  I took the images from directly overhead, with a natural light source coming from the left. I had to move the card so as to ensure that there was no join line.  I also bounced some light back from the right using a reflector and used a Metz mini octagon softbox over the speedlite.  I took Rob’s suggestion not to use the glass base so as to obtain more uniform results.  I also need to take some Blu Tack to secure the card to the wall and floor and gaffa tape to cover any cables on the floor on the day.

Keys - Grey

Although I felt that the pale grey worked I then also took some shots using a cream background as white is too stark for this, as a comparison.  I also changed to use the following settings: Manual, 1/125s, ISO 400, evaluative metering and daylight WB.  I also lowered the tripod so as to be able to view the subject better.

Keys - cream

I felt that this worked better but will set up two areas on the day so that I can try both.  I also intend to try two different aspects for the shots on the day – one for a single item which means something special to them and the other for the contents of their pockets if they are willing to share them with me.

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