14 February: Follow up at Catching Lives

I called today to give copies of the images to all the clients who had taken part on Wednesday, and also to give Robert a disposable camera as I ran out of them at the time.  They were all really pleased to receive the prints, and felt it was important to deliver them as soon as I could after the event, whilst the experience was fresh in their minds.

I spoke to James and he said how pleased they all were as to how the day had gone, and the fact that so many had taken part and really enjoyed it.  I was too, particularly as initially I did not know how they would feel about photographing their possessions. However once they realised what was happening and that their things were only precious to them, they were very keen to participate.

James also suggested that I might like to do a regular photography slot with the clients, so I said that after Easter once my work was handed in, I would give it some thought and call in to discuss this further then.  It also gives me time to think about possible ways of doing this to give the clients lots of variety.  Otherwise I will keep regular contact with the Centre and pop in whenever I can.  I also need to check if any of the clients return their disposable cameras so that I can get the films developed for them.

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