12 February: ‘Photo Day 2’ at Catching Lives

After a pre ‘Photo Day’ visit to check with James yesterday about moving furniture and plugs etc. I arrived early and was able to set up before the doors opened for the clients.


Once breakfast was finished and I had a chance to chat to some of the clients and although it took a while to get going, once I had shown them what others had done they approached me to take part.

The corner worked well as there was not too much natural light, it being an overcast day.  I decided not to set up the mini studio as it would have been too restrictive.  So instead I used some black fabric to cover the table so as to emphasise the shooting area and some grey card as the background.  On to this I placed an A3 sized shape of 4mm glass on which to place the objects which would give some reflection.  A 24-105mm lens was used with the Canon 5D MkII camera together with a 580EXII speedlite and diffuser which softened the light source.  This was placed so as to look down on the objects, and using as small an aperture of f22 that the camera would allow  it meant that all the objects photographed were in focus.

It was a successful day as the clients and I worked together.  They decided what they wanted to exhibit and set up their own displays on the glass panel with a little encouragement in some cases.  Once they had looked through the camera viewer, they often decided to move some of the items or add or subtract others until they were happy with the result.   It was also very interesting to see what items were important to them or were representative of them as individuals.  One client included a mug as he drinks a lot of coffee and another included earplugs, a book and an orange because as he told me he always carries them with him wherever he may be .



I also asked some of the clients to write a ‘Wish List’ for me – where would you like to be in say, a year’s time?  If you could change things what would you like to do?  It was interesting as to what was important to them, such as ‘getting new teeth’.  These pieces of writing, together with some of the images I hope to compile into a photo book and give a copy to Catching Lives.  I will also print out a copy of the images that were taken today for the clients to keep.  They were given a disposable camera for them to take some of their own shots which I will arrange to be developed it they are returned.

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One thought on “12 February: ‘Photo Day 2’ at Catching Lives

  1. What a really intriguing & wonderful project! It is lovely to see the images so far that you have taken of their possessions. It is also very interesting what items to them are really precious but what to others would/could be seen as not!

    The trust that you have clearly gained from these strangers is I can only imagine very difficult to gain and this in itself is an amazing accomplishment and the little bit of interest and change that this project has hopefully been brought into their lives is a lovely thing.

    I do very much look forward to seeing the ‘wish lists’ and how they would compare to maybe my own for this time next year! And I especially cant wait to view more of your images from your ‘Photo Day’ of the possessions!

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