11 March: Update on the project

7 March:  I called into Catching Lives to see if any more disposable cameras had been handed in, but there have been no more so far.  As the weather has now taken a turn for the better, it is to be hoped that the clients have now taken some pictures and will return their cameras in time for the next Photo Day on 19 March.    If they do then hopefully I can include some of their work in my photo book which will accompany this project.

  • During the week I have been looking very closely at the images which I have taken so far to decide what to include in the book.  This has helped towards planning the layout of the sections of the book e.g one for portraits etc.
  • Initially I wanted to put a portrait, piece of writing, an image of their possessions and a photograph which they had taken themselves  together for each person. However each time I visit the centre some more of the clients that I had met previously have either moved on or are now in accommodation which emphasises the fragile, transitory nature of the lives they are living.  So  I have decide I will include a selection of the best images even if I only have one item about that person.
  • I have spent some time looking closely at individual images to see if any minor adjustments are needed.  This in turn has led me to decide that the portraits are more powerful in black and white but the possessions in turn are better in colour. There also needs to be uniformity within each section to provide coherence.
  • I also spent some time making sure the image sizes were correct and all are 300dpi.  I have had some problems with sizing in the past so spent some time seeing where I had gone wrong so that when I send them off to be printed they will come back exactly as I have requested.
  • I also realized that as I have now about six weeks before the submission date I have time to get some printed to see if I am happy with the result .
  • Looking at the work had also given me the opportunity to think carefully about what I may wish to exhibit in the Graduate Show in June.  So when the final copy prints are ordered I merely need to double the order to perhaps save having to repeat the exercise.

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