1 April: Catch up visit to Catching Lives

I called in today to talk to Robert and return his camera.  He had asked if I would check it over and had found that all that was needed was to reformat the memory card.  So I bought him some replacement batteries and a small case to keep it in and he is now all set now to go out and take some pictures.

I have also been asked if I would take some pictures for Catching Lives on 2 April to go with a funding bid they are putting together.  So I needed to check exactly what is needed so that I can have everything ready beforehand. I also felt that it is good experience of working outside of my ‘project mode’.

I have also been asked by Emily from the Diocese if I would resend two of the images I took of Bishop Trevor’s visit, as the ones I sent to her previously were low resolution. So this was another learning experience about preparing images in high-resolution that will be used by another party, with my permission.

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