6 Jan 2015: White Horse Inn

My husband and I visited the Inn to see if the landlord would be agreeable to my setting up and taking some pictures using his fireplace, either when the pub is shut or during a quiet period.  With the help of a member of the staff Carla, she said that the landlord Justin was happy for me to take some images and suggested Friday 9 January at 11.30 before the pub opens to the public.

As all the chairs appeared to be bar style chairs or dining chairs in the restaurant, I will need to bring in an armchair from home and set up a mock scene.  Whilst there I took some shots of the fireplace and also the outside of the building.


It may be that during the day there will be too much ambient light coming through the window, so I may need to close the curtains and try to create the suggestion of an evening shot  with the face of the subject being lit by the glow from the fire , whilst he is reading a book.  There is also a large menu board firmly fixed to the area above the fireplace, so I will need to try to ensure  that this does not feature in the shot as it will detract from the realism of what I am trying to achieve.


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