5 Dec: Portrait Shoot with Eva

When I arrived at Eva’s house her friend Betty (who I had already previously photographed) was there.  Perhaps as she is very elderly she felt more at ease with her friend being there.  I found it worked better to conduct the interview (by recording it) at the same time as I was taking the pictures.  They both soon forgot that I was recording and instead they both chatted together, so it was a very relaxed session.

It was interesting in that it made me realise that not everyone had done something momentous and some had lived quite simple lives.  Eva has now lived alone since her husband died and so her friends are obviously very important to her.  She was challenging to photograph as she was seldom still but in this image was lost in her thoughts for a moment.


I rejected this image as the seat she chose to sit in was also competing with the objects on the windowsill, the glass panel on the door and part of the television set.  It also did not work if all these things were cropped out as shown below.  If I had cropped down at the top she would have lost the top part of her hair.


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