29 Dec: Looking for a fireplace

On thinking further about the photo book, as I have included a poem by W.B. Yeats which begins, ” When you are old and grey and full of sleep, and nodding by the fire…”. I decided that to tie this in with the images that are to be shown in the book; I need an image of someone sitting by a fire on the cover.

As most people I know nowadays, even if they have a fireplace, tend to have wood burning stoves and I need to take an image of a traditional open fire.  So in the end we investigated local pubs which are known to have open fireplaces so see if they would be suitable.  I ended up with two possibilities, one in Chilham and the White Horse Inn, at Bridge near Canterbury.  The White Horse Inn is better for this purpose as it is lighter inside the building with natural light coming in from a window to the left of the fireplace, and there is more space in front of the fire to position an armchair. The only drawback is the fact that I will not showing an actual event, but a constructed shot  for the purposes of the book cover, but in this instance felt the exercise was justified.  I will revisit the White Horse Inn when it is open to see if the landlord is agreeable for me to take some images.

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