15 Jan: Looking at the Surrealists


I was first introduced to this film through a recent TV programme, where they described it as the most horrific film that was ever made.  I only watched a short portion and it was enough to shock me but led to further thoughts about it.  My investigations into the work of the Surrealist revealed that the eye was held to be of great importance to them, so this is probably why the eye is featured in the film.  I also discovered the following images but did not include them, as  they related to the eye but not to my work on the elderly.


This image by Man Ray entitled Tears 1933 shows an elaborate exaggerated, theatrical interpretation. This is very different to his earlier work on solarisation and rayographs as shown in the following image of Lee Miller produced in 1929.

Solarizedportrait2The work shows his interest in experimentation and of using the human body in differing ways, as shown in this image of  Le Violon d’Ingres 1924 where the body has been transformed into a musical instrument.

Man Ray Violin d'Ingres

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