14 Jan: Research into photographic genres


Whilst a portrait is usually associated with the face, it can also denote a total representations of a person.  The  photographic process to be widely used was the daguerreotype, which consists of an images portrayed on a highly polished, and sensitized silvered copper plate, which is covered by a piece of glass.

The following image of an elderly couple was made in 1839.  They are looking straight at the camera, which no emotion or contact with each other.  It is known that they would have had to maintain the pose for a long length of time.  Possibly they have dresses specially for the occasion.


The following image of a woman with her dead child was made in 1850s as a ‘memento mori’.  Despite the quality of the copy and there being no expression on her face, her body language and the expression in her eyes shows her extreme sadness. 36Post-Morten%2022Portrait,%20Woman%20holding%20baby,%20c_preview



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