Photography has become and has played an increasingly important role in all areas of my life.  After retiring from work, I have been able to devote as much time as I have desired to follow whatever project I have been working on.  It has opened so many doors and enabled me to follow differing areas of interest.

 As I worked on the final projects for my Uni undergraduate course I became increasingly interested in the people who I met and telling their stories. Photography has enabled me to gain access to places that perhaps I would not have been able to do otherwise.  This together with the organisational skills and expertise that I acquired during my working life has resulted in my being able to work methodically and gain results.

My only regret is that I did not start this earlier in life, but at the same time the future is bright and positive.  As Michael Crozemarie, Director of the French fashion house Hermès stated, “Every day the sun rises and takes us on an extraordinary journey that we can live either indifferently, or passionately and fully.  There is nothing more ordinary than just another day, yet that day is unique, and it can potentially be the greatest day of all!”

Now that undergraduate study is behind me and I had the chance briefly to catch my breath, reassess what I have achieved so far and look to the future.  I am now totally immersed in a PhD so although part-time the end still seems to be along way off, but I guess will be re before I blink!  What happens after this … time will tell 🙂


Nov. 2009  Christmas photographic show – Canterbury Christ Church  University,            The Burton Gallery, Broadstairs

28.05.2010  ‘Folio’ – CCCU – The Burton Gallery

01.05.2011 ‘1magine’ – CCCU – The Burton Gallery

01.06.2012  ‘Uprise’ – CCCU – The Burton Gallery

04.06.2013  ’65’ – The Pie Factory Gallery, Margate

05.06.2014 – Graduate Show CCCU – Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury

18 – 31.07.2016 – Residency at Sun Pier House Gallery, Chatham

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